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Friday, May 13, 2011

Couch to Smokies continues

We have been busy these past few days cleaning the house and continuing to exercise. Two days ago, my birthday gift to my triplet nephews arrived. I bought them those sit on scooters we used to use in gym class. Remember those? Here they are at Amazon in case you want one too. 
Gamecraft Safety Guard Scooter Boards /Green

I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out and there was no shipping charge despite not being a Prime item. Anyway, I saw the opportunity and knew my nephews wouldn't mind letting their cousins try them out.  They loved them! I'm sending an early request to Santa to get all 3 kids these.  It is great exercise with endless games you can make up.  That was their exercise for the day.

Yesterday, the mean mommy I am made them walk to our still closed association pool in the hot 85 degree weather. They were troopers and I rewarded their efforts with some frosty treats!

Smart Trike Deluxe 3 In 1 Pink Flowers

Today they were busy climbing firetrucks at a local fire station.

Just as their time was ending at Station 20, the alarm rang and they watched the trucks spring into action.

 Who ever said exercise can't be fun?

*Disclaimer:  Yes, I do get a percentage if you buy a Gamecraft scooter through my link. Don't worry, it won't make me rich and I won't paste links for any products that I don't fully support or believe others would enjoy


Liz said...

What is that pink tricycle with the sun shield and straps? that is awesome!

BTE mom said...

It's a Smart Trike that grows with them. I'll stick a link in this entry if you want to see it on Amazon. Our walks go so much better now!

Liz@learninglifewithliz said...